16 September 2006, Saturday

It was a family outing to 1U again this weekend. After Aiden's afternoon feed, we quickly packed our "barang barang" into the car, and headed towards our favourite shopping mall. We will usually embark on the journey (yeah now it's "embark" because it is no longer the let's-go-shopping-now). We've learnt that going shopping or just about anywhere with a baby on tow needs the precision timing of those in the army. So let me tell you about how I got "conned" into buying more clothes for Aiden:

Me : Let's go into Mothercare to see what's new
LK : Ummm…ok
Me : Wow, socks on sale.. 30% discount for a set of 5 pairs
LK : I thought we bought some the last time in Metro?
Me : Oh, they are for when Bb's 1 year old
LK : Okay then

So I took my time choosing a suitable color/pattern:

Me : Which one nicer ah? This one has cars and stripes; this other one is plain
LK : Up to you la…

(LK browsing around and spots a nice top)

LK : This top nice hor?
Me : Yes, very nice

(Bb starts to cry a little)

LK : I'll take the Bb jalan jalan, You pay la
Me : Uh huh…..(eyeing the jersey top, grabs it and another pair of pants)

(At the counter)

Cashier : If you buy above RM150, you get a RM20 voucher
Me : Oh is it?
Cashier : Yes, you only have RM118, excluding the socks because that is on offer
Me : I'll have to choose something else? Ok.

(Chose another red top and runs back to counter)

Cashier : That will be RM198
Me : Huh? But cant I use my RM20 voucher to redeem the socks
Cashier : Oh no…..the voucher is only redeemable for normal price items
Me : *Alamak*….You should have told me earlier….
Cashier : *shrugs and smile*
(I got out of the shop and met LK)

Me : Ok, let's go
LK : What did you get?
Me : Uh..nothing. Just the socks…..and the top…..
LK : Whhhaat…the top costs as much as my office shirt!!
Me : Err…they had some cash voucher which I couldn't resist.......
So you see, I think I'm on my way to spoiling Aiden rotten, not to mention burning a hole in my wallet. What can I say, I absolutely lurve and adore him!!!


huisia said...

The shop very smart to do its business hor?! That's why our wallet getting shrunk
very easily. :)

jazzmint said...

hehe mothercare wander go PK liao lah :P

chanelwong said...

aiyo...sometimes hard to resist temptation...imagine if you have a daughter..cham lar your pocket...

Zara's Mama said...

Hmm.. so you are Aiden's mummy!! Cheh, don't even want to say you are Milkmaid when you see me in the park. :P

Mummies are all like that.. buy buy buy.. cannot resist those cute little clothes for the kid.

milkmaid said...

Hui Sia - ya innovative marketing / selling strategy

Jasmine - what to do, clothes so nice and cute

Chanel - ya ya, I think I will really go PK with a gal

Agnes - did I get it rite? shy to say "Hello there- I am milkmaid la" -- hahaha...:)

laundryamah said...

Ah,,,truly my buy buy...but then hor..buying during non sale not so worth it leh..hehehe...

Shannon Chong said...

WAH! He'll outgrow it VERY fast leh.... And I agree with chanelwong... Imagine if you have a daughter... LAGI big hole in the pocket ler.... :D

Pinky said...

I love mothercare as well. You should also check out the sesame street clothes at Metrojaya.