11 Months Old

10 May 2007, Thursday

Our little angel is now 11 months and 1.5 weeks old!! I can still remember him when he barely fit in one arm. Nowadays, he doesn’t like to sit still and we cannot stand stationery whilst carrying him. He likes us to walk around, especially the kitchen area where he can explore opening cupboards and drawers.

He is still on 3-4 feeds of milk, 2 meals and 1 serving of fruits. I am intending to introduce breakfast, like bread or cheese soon. Anyone with ideas on what to feed 11 month old babies would be helpful. Aiden now has 4 teeth with the 5th on the way. Yesterday, I was at Jaya Supermarket and bought for him a box of Muesli with Apple (Nestle), which I intend to start this weekend.

He is now able to cruise but still has the urge to sit down (without warning) so we have to watch over him every so often in case he fall backwards or hit his head. He is aware of falling as I caught him on day with both hands lifted from the baby cot bar and he nearly fell. But he realized just in time and quickly grab the bar before he fell. The look on his face was absolutely a classic!!

He experiences separation anxiety whenever I leave his sight, especially at night or early in the morning. He was never like this, and now he will give his manja look and wail! He can now protest when he does not get things his way.

Verbal Cues
Can say "mum mum", "mama" and "papa" but again all involuntary. The only one that we are sure he can absolutely relate to is when he sees his bowl, he will say "mum mum".

He relates to these few words and will look at it when we ask him:

Me : Where's the Fan?
Aiden : Looks to ceiling and at the Fan

Me : Where's the Clock?
Aiden : Looks around until he finds the Clock

Me : Where's the Ball?
Aiden : Looks for his Soccer Ball and stare at it

Me : Where's Papa?
Aiden : Stares at daddy [if daddy not around, looks at the main door]

3 more weeks to his Big Day…wow, time really flies!

Aiden loves books / magazines. Here he is with my Mensa newsletter


Sasha said...

3 more days?! Thats fast!

Eh do u get that feeling like...abit sad that he's not gonna be a baby edi?

huisia said...

Time really flies..
Aiden has grown up so much.