Aiden Chan Zhiwei

29 May 2007, Tuesday

I was tagged by Chanel some two weeks ago, but did not realized this until this week, so this is the meaning of my boy's name:

Gender : Boy
Origin : Gaelic
Meaning : Little Fire
Pronunciation : AY dan

The meaning of Zhiwei
Being non Chinese educated, it was hard for me and hubby to look for a suitable Chinese name for Aiden. We wanted one that would not require too many strokes and which we could pronounce without sounding like a mouthful. So out came books, calls to aunties and even ex-colleagues to help. My husband was quite certain he wanted Aiden to have a name with a meaning of "Wisdom", hence the character "Zhi". "Wei" on its own does not have a meaning, but his name as a whole means it is a person of great wisdom; which I hope is what he will turn out to be one day.

You might ask why only one word? I guess just to be a little different from the conventional 2-worded names. This was suggested by my MIL.

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The Blue Ranger – Ethan

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Zara's Mama said...

Nice Chinese name..

jazzmint said...

i like the name aiden, and i wanted that also..but hubby object :(

Baby Darren said...

guss what? Darren's chinese name supposed to be Zhi Wei as well (my dad came out with that) but the master said he needs more wood in the words, so discard the Wei. Or else, our kids will have the same chinese name.