M-M-R Jab and Allergy Test

26 June 2007, Tuesday

Aiden went for his M-M-R Jab on Saturday morning, a quick pinch of his bottom left cheek by the paed and he gave a loud Wail! Ouch !!! But after 5 seconds he was alright. He seems okay so far and no fever has developed.

Some of you would already know that I wanted to have an allergy test conducted because of this. His paed suggested some group of foods which we may potentially start since his now 1 year old; so we decided on these:

Fish - Cod
Ikan Bilis (Anchovies)
Egg White
Egg Yolk

It's weird the way seafood was categorized, and fish was specifically Cod. We reckon that if he tested negative for Cod, we'll still go ahead and try other types of fish. We selected anchovies as it is usually used to make stocks for porridge or soup based noodles.

The allergy test was different from the skin scratch test done on Bee in Australia. Our doctor recommended blood to be drawn and sent to the lab for testing. It was really a traumatic experience for Aiden as blood needed to be taken from the vein of his arm and when the medical technician prepared his swabs and needle, Aiden could definitely sense what was happening (maybe because he could feel me tensing up) as he started whimpering even before the needle got near his arm. It took a long time for blood to be drawn, as it is more difficult for babies – possible the vein is small, and the technician kept poking and prodding him for nearly a whole minute. All this time Aiden kept wailing and wailing; we had to hold his other hand down and I was glaring and telling the technician off!! I think he got really pissed at me as I was grumbling to my hubby that he didn’t know what he was doing, and he was taking so long. The technician just told me "I told you it was difficult for babies!" and he huffed off…. What gives man!!

Sorry no pictures here as both parents were so stressed out by the whole affair that we forgot all about it! So keeping our fingers crossed and that the tests will come out negative. I'll update with the results next week.


G @ mommibee.com said...

Thanks for the update! I'm sorry to hear that blood test was involved. Poor boy, must be horrifying. I know Bee would scream and cry too if she had to endure that :( Let's look forward to a negative result to all the food types! Our nx appointment and re-test is next week!

WMD: Wife, Mother, Daughter said...

yeah it was weird the way fish was categorized. Cod, tenggiri and anchovies were different categories. It wsa different three years back when i did the allergy test for my eldest son. That time all was broadly categorize as seafood.

Actually allergy test (via blood) will only be able to pick out those food that the child has been on. In other words, if the child has not taken egg, then a negative result may not really imply that the child is not allergy to it.