13 Month Update

02 July 2007, Monday

Here's the 13 month update on Aiden. Seems like just yesterday that I was doing the 5 month update, and now my boy is officially a toddler ~ oh well, he's been a toddler since he turned one but he'll always be my little baby!

Weight : 10.2kg
Height: 76.4cm

0830: 7oz milk
1000: 1 fruit
1200: 1 bowl (progressing to more than 1 bowl soon!) porridge
1430: 6 oz milk
1700: 1 bowl porridge
2030: 6 oz milk
With rice cracker snacks in between meals

Usually skips morning naps these days (but will sleep if in the car going out on weekends) and will sleep in the afternoon for 1.5 – 2 hours. He sleeps by 8:30pm at night.

Verbal Cues
Can understand and points to most of his soft toys at home. Recognizes people and points to:

Papa (dad)
Mami (mummy)
Kakak (maid)
Ah Mah (maternal grandmother)
Ma Ma (paternal grandmother)
Ah Kong (maternal grandfather)

This is something new that he surprised me with last week. He can now do these actions when we tell him to:
- Wave Bye-bye
- Open his mouth and say "Ahh"
- Kong-Xi Kong-Xi by clasping his hands together (aiyo Chinese New Year also over already – preparing for next year maybe?)

Still prefers to crawl or cruise. Doesn’t like to sit in the walker much these days, and prefers to be on the floor. He has recently progressed to crawling on his knees, if you've read here, he was crawling army style all these time! People say because he is heavy….


WMD: Wife, Mother, Daughter said...

"crawling army style"- nice word never thought of it. I call it swimming while my husband calls it slithering. My youngest son too crawl army style and then around the same time as Aiden, he started crawling on his knees.

mommy of 2 angels said...

wah can talk a lot...and eat a lot of porridge!

sleep so early...wah a lot of personal time leh...wish mine sleep this early and not wakes up in the middle of the nite.

Nadia said...

No wonderlah so chubbylicious! He eats so much! Hehe. :) Love the 2 photos!

Baby Darren said...

wau..careful when place him on the table..

he looked so chubby and cute...he seems to know quite a lot of things hor? You did a good job in teaching him...

jazzmint said...

wow time flies eh...he got the same diet as my boy oso

milkmaid said...

WMD : yeah he reminds me of the army crawling underneath barb wires !

Mof2A : he cant talk yet, but he understands the words... lurves food la. What to do...

Nadia : He looks abit stoned here cause he just got up from his morning nap. We were rushing to change him so that we could go out.

Baby Darren : actually hor, must give credit to the 2 grandmas. I dont have enuf time liao...

Jazzmint : yeah -- time flies like crazy. Soon they'll be 2 yrs old !!

G @ mommibee.com said...

sori i ma so late in wishing lil aiden happy 13 mths. he is a very tall boy :) and so panai some more. army crawl - my girl never did that, i wonder how she'd look like if she did :) not long dear, b4 aiden walks!