Growing Up

23 August 2007, Thursday

Our boy has grown by leaps and bounds in the last month, and I sometimes look at him whilst he is asleep, thinking to myself- it's been nearly 15 months since he was born, and in this time he has more than tripled his birth weight and grew by more than 15 cm.

I used to be able to hold him in one arm and right now, I can barely carry him with both for more than 5 minutes. He continues to amaze us with his learning ability and realize that he is growing up really quickly. He can now demand to be brought here or there, throw tantrums and yet melt our hearts in one second with his giggles and laughter.

He loves all types of containers big or small, and loves opening and closing tops. He also loves all types of remote controls but of course is not able to differentiate one from another. So he'll point the Astro controller towards the fan, and vice versa. He knows the remote control for the auto gates, and will constantly play with it and watch the gates move.

He can now stand for a long time whilst playing with his toys, twisting his body around and yet maintain his balance. The only thing is that when he needs to get to another place he will still sit down and crawl.

He is able to show affection without us prompting him. I frequently catch him looking at me for a long time, pats me on the shoulder and puts his head on my shoulder. This is especially so in the evenings when I get home.

Finally, he's pretty good at climbing the stairs and sometimes without our knowledge too!! He took to our stairs with gusto last week and when my maid found him, he was already halfway up the stairs. I swear I only left him for like 15 seconds max.

Note : Aaarrghh...something wrong with blogspot. I cannot upload photos!!


J@n!ce said...

I hope your blogger hiccup is resolved soon so that you could load up some pic of your little ones :)

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Lemonjude said...

a tag for you hope u like it

Sasha said...

Soo aidan is so advance already. Luckily he's not like mine, mine gives me headache.

G @ said...

he sure is growing up. looks like he'll be running soon, that'll be fun :) look forward to seeing his most recent pics.

Anonymous said...

Hi milkmaid--I'm amazed at how quickly our little ones grow. One minute we are cuddling them in our arms, the next they're in a real bed, putting themselves to sleep (smile)!

It's a wonderful thing to watch.

slavemom said...

Wah... Aiden can climb so fast. Must keep him in sight at all times then.

Etcetera~Mommy said...

I wonder what's the catch with remote control heh.. all kids seem to like playing with it. Hmm...

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jazzmint said...

it's amazing how fast kids grow rite :)

Zara's Mama said...

time too child proof the stairs!

Actually our stairs are quite unsafe.. esp if they can stand up and try to climb up the sides! I have a lot of heart attacks because of that.

Baby Darren said...

sama sama here...darren also loves staircase..really cannot leave them alone for a second. Nowadays he even started to climb on sofas and chairs. It's really getting harder to take care of them.