15 Month Update

03 September 2007, Monday

Here's my monthly progress update for the little tyke who turned 15 months on last Saturday, 01st September.

Weight : still the same, between 10.3 – 10.5 kg
Height : did not measure, but reckon his grown taller because his pants
are shorter now
Food intake : no change, except he takes more biscuits now in between meals

Fully understands "No" and "Yes" and will response with head bobs or shakes when asked a question. Further emphasize "No" by turning his body away, and pushing away with his hands.
Takes on what I call 'Level 2' instructions; for example: Take the biscuit and feed daddy or Take your duck-duck and give to mummy.

Physical Ability / Agility
He is now able to take a few steps on his own, but of course falls onto his rear end after that. He loves to play the balancing game on his own and gets a good laugh out of it. He recently learnt to balance on his head and toes (inverted-V) on the bed and ultimately try to summersault. We think it's very dangerous because he may twist his neck doing this!!

Verbal Skills
Papa, Mama, Mmm – Ma, Mum Mum, Ainya-nya-nya, Phuuh and others which I cannot even begin to pronounce. I recently noticed that he will cry Ma-ma asking me to carry him, especially in the mornings.

Word Association
He can match many pictures from his A-B-C book when we tell him to such as Duck, Socks, Baby, Elephant, Clock, Flowers, Bear, Ball amongst others.

His level of separation anxiety seems to have increased with age. This is more so at in the mornings when he wake up or when he gets cranky from lack of sleep.


shern's mom said...

i think it's ok for kids to do somersault as long as someone else doesn't come near and twist them about. all kids love it.
and definitely not on a hard surface. on the mattress it's fine.

remember when we were young, we somersault like crazy, but we break no necks.

mommy of 2 angels said...

aiyoo you "over" protective la...hahahah...let him sommersault..roll...kick...enjoy mah!!!

i tag u!

chanelwong said...

tesch him the right way to turnaround, it should be ok..

soon he will be chit chatting with you...

Nadia said...

Don't worry about him somersaultinglah. Their bones are lembut, won't break wan. Hehehe..

Baby Darren said...

haha...darren started the somersault action many mths back and he still likes to do it now..guess kids all love it..

Aiden is smart, can recognise so many pictures in the book. I've been reading darren's the First Word book everyday since many many mths back, he still never answer me when I asked him, "where is the duck?"..kik sum...

G @ mommibee.com said...

happy 15 mths aiden! so clever already and gonna run real soon - more fun, yay!