We're On The Move Too

26 September 2007, Wednesday

It seems like moving office is a trend this couple of months? You can read about it in Pinky's blog and also Shannon's some months back.

My Company will also be moving into a spanking new building come end of this month. We've been told that it's going to be a much nicer and bigger office plus better facilities. On the latter, I cannot deny because the location that we're at currently, does not give us much choice in terms of food outlets, services such as banking or retail outlets.

The new office promises all of the above, and since it's strategically located near shop lots, I'd say that we're going to save on petrol and parking fees. Some of us were invited to visit the new site last week, and I must say that it looks much better than our existing office with a lot more meeting rooms and hot spots (teleconference rooms). That's important as we have embarked into the open-concept workstations where only Head of Departments get rooms.

More importantly, there's a huge gym right below us with swimming and spa facilities. I'm going to get back to my gym routine, which I have neglected since Aiden came along. It's going to be sandwich days for me whilst I hit the machines during lunch hour.

Also, I have been tasked to oversee to my department's relocation, so it's been a tiring 2 weeks of late, dumping, shredding, archiving and packing! My department deals with a lot of confidential documents and based on our record management policies, we cannot throw them out.

You'll see what I mean..and this is just for the first round of transfer due tomorrow. There'll be two more rounds next week! So, I leave you here with our boxes, and will update all when I get to my new office early next month.


Pinky said...

Hey we had the same movers *lol*

G @ mommibee.com said...

how nice!!!

chanelwong said...

happy shifting...yup...the new office nearer to all the facilities...