August 29, 2006

This is my first time blogging ever. Believe you me, I've heard of the term... I know what it does.....but I dont know how it works. Thankfully, I had a colleague that shared another friend's blog and I stumbled into a create-your-blog-in like 3 easy steps...hmm. So this is just a test posting to see if it works :)

My main motivation - as you can see - I'm a new mum on the block. My son Aiden was born on 01 June 2006 - yeah we wanted a nice number on his IC, so we chose 01-06-06. I had a C-section cause he was a breech (is that how one spells it??) baby. So anyhow, every day is a new experience for me and I am learning from the seasoned mummies on anything and everything.
My challenge now is to exclusively breast feed Aiden, I'm currently supplementing with formula. Any tips on increasing quantity is greatly welcomed !!!

Here's a pix to share with you....and I'll certainly write more when I can


jazzmint said...

oohh..Aiden is exactly 10 days older than my Vyktore :).

just keep pumping to simulate. And drink lots of water, soup.

all da best to you

Shannon Chong said...

Hehe... Aiden is about 4 days younger than Rachel... So here, we have 3 mothers of the same age, oni Jazzmint is much more experienced since Vyktore is her 2nd... :)

Pinky said...

Hey - Aiden is about 2 weeks older than Jeremy and btw, 1 June happens to be my birthday - actually I was also thinking of give birth to him on the same day as my birthday but abandoned the plans at the last minute. Instead, he came 2 days before his actual due date and I had a C-section as well as he was in distress.