Tummy Upset

September 11, 2006

We suspected that Bb had a tummy upset yesterday. My Mum mentioned that he was crying and upset for most of the day and that he had poo-ed again in the afternoon. Bb now has a schedule of poo-ing once every 2-3 days ever since he turned 2.5 months. Since he already pooed on Sun, we only expected him to do so again on Tues. So when I asked how it looked like, Mum mentioned a little softer than normal but not watery which may be a sign of diarrhoae.

So we brought him home last nite, he was alright and with a nite feed at 7pm he knocked out by 8pm. Alas, I may have been mistaken by his quiet and good nature. I woke up with a start at 5am this morning (Dont know why but it must be mother's instict) and to my surprise, I heard Bb go 'mmmm'. He usually makes that sound when he needs to do the 'number 2'. So, I got up and went to him, and to my surprise, he really was doing his business in his sleep!!

I quickly woke lou kong up and both of us in jammies, in our sleepy state, waited till he finished his poo, and woke him up to change him. Once again, the stool did not look like his usual colour and constituency. Being first time parents, we were definitely worried and whilst I fed Bb (now turn into hungry cries) , out came our Books with lou kong scanning thru the index looking for either diarrhoae or tummy upset.

Bb went back to sleep soon and lou kong too, leaving Mummy awake for the next half hour wondering if I should take him the the dr in the morning. Morning soon dawned, Bb looked fine, in fact happy (he's always smiling when he wakes up) so with a heavy heart, I took him to Mum's with instructions to monitor his well being for the rest of the day.

Now I am wondering if it is something I ate over the weekend ~ Bread Story buns, Genki Sushi, pasta, fish soup. Hmm, can eating raw fish, in this case salmon sushi cause a tummy upset for Bb? I got a little paranoid and also called to tell my maid to be extra careful with sterilising his bottles and also making sure that the EBM is kept in fridge until it's time for his feed.

Keeping my fingers crossed that Bb will be okay...here's another photo of Aiden (taken a week ago just as he got up at 8am.)


jazzmint said...

hope he gets well soon

chanelwong said...

Get Well Soon..........

huisia said...

Oh, i know your anxious as i passed through the phases before. I would head to paed whenever i wasn't sure the matter.

Speedy recovery to him.

Kathiroly Raj said...

Now, that's what I call love in action. I mean, what both of are doing now for your baby. Love is really wonderful.