Aiden Turns 4 Months

01 October 2006, Sunday

Today, little Aiden turns 4 months. We love him to bits albeit interrupted sleep during the night. But who am I to complain when he only wakes up at 530 am for a feed, he goes to sleep by 8pm at night. So here’s his progress so far:

Weight : Around 8 kg or more (he was 7.35kg 4 weeks ago)

Height : Dunno (he was 61 cm 4 weeks ago)

Food : Milk, milk, glorious milk, around 6 - 7 oz per feed

Interval : 3 hours to 3.5 hours during the day

Day Sleep : approx 1 – 1.5 hours before 12pm, 1.5 hours after lunch, 0.5 hours in the evening

Night Sleep : sleeps by 8pm and wakes at 8am. Wakes up for a feed at around 530 am and goes back to sleep

He is mainly talkative in the mornings and after feeds. Can say "ah goo", "hmmm", and chuckles and "coo"s at anyone that smiles or talks to him. He giggles when someone tickles him at his ribcage. He is also able to make other non-verbal sounds (don’t know how to spell them) when playing on his own.

He plays with his fingers all the time. Initially, he was trying to stick his fist into his mouth. Last week, discovered his fingers and now sucks his index and third finger (prefers his right hand). He is able to use his foot to push himself to his side (prefer his left leg). Able to reach out for a toy but misses it most of the time, gets tired and rather sticks his hand into his mouth.

Loves the Peek-A-Boo game played using his small hankie. Laughs when you clap your hands, because he thinks that he will be carried. Braces himself with his neck when you say 1-2-3, because that's when we pull him up from his elbow. He also opens his mouth in anticipation for his milk, when you put a small hankie underneath his chin.

He loves to be carried vertical so that he can see the world go by. Is able to follow you around the room and will cry when you leave his sight (when he is manja or tired).

Personal Traits
He loves to go "kai kai" (shopping/jalan jalan) in his little pram. Is usually contented remaining in the pram as long as it is moving. Will cry when the pram stops or when he is tired/hungry. I have a feeling that he may grow up to be a little tyke, as he knows who to bully (usually the mum). Will yell and scream to get what he wants, at this age either sleep or eat right? But will want to suckle even though he is not hungry. Must be because he is "nipple deprived" during the day?


Shannon Chong said...

Reading about Aiden's dexterous really reminds me of Rachel... they are EXACTLY the same... she's also sucking on her index and middle finger on her right hand.... hehehe.....

HAPPY 4 months old Aiden.... :)

chanelwong said...

Happy 4 Months old Aiden...

More to come and have fun..

jazzmint said...

wahh already 8kg and drinks 7oz each time..looks like aiden got loads to catch up mann...

hey vyktore also likes to suck the index and middle finger, but left side though

happy 4th month old aiden ;)

huisia said...

Happy 4 months old!
Hey, i realize that Aiden loves to smile lol! What a smiley boy you have!

milkmaid said...

Shannon: I wonder if all babies are typical in their habits.

Jazzmint: We should bring all babies out sometime, when they are able to sit/crawl. Wonder what they would do seeing another baby?

Chanel/HuiSia : Thanks for the messages

laundryamah said...

wah he can drink more than kylie!

Baby Smooches said...

eee....... Aiden looks so cute there.. :-)

Pinky said...

He's looking good for 4 month old and putting on quite a good weight.