Aiden Turns 5 on 1st Nov

07 November 2006, Tuesday

Here are some updates on Aiden as he turned 5 months last week:

Weight : 8.8 kg
Height : Dunno, but must be growing cause his long pajama suit cant fit anymore.
Food : Still drinks 6-7 oz
Interval : Every 3.5 to 4 hours during the day

He is now very efficient at grasping and holding toys within his reach. Usually grabs his hanging mobile toys and gets frustrated because he cannot pull it down. He still has the tendency of putting everything into his mouth. Continuously plays with his fingers, especially when he wakes up from sleep and there is no one to attend to him. He also likes to pull his left mitten out with his right hand, so we always find him with one white glove on (Like MJ har har).

Verbal Cues
He loves to talk, talk, talk waking mummy and daddy up at 7am. He loves to test his vocal chords, saying oooh, ahhhh, ahgooo, or just making noises whilst playing with his fingers. I noticed that he likes looking at green plants and talking to them. This happens when I carry him from my mum's place back to my house in the evening ~ mum lives on the next road. Do you think he is a horticulturist in the making?

He is now able to distinguish between family members, caretakers and strangers. Yesterday we took him shopping and one aunty at the shop started to play with him. He cried out loud (manja cry with large tear drops) for no apparent reason but quickly stopped when he saw me. The same thing also happened once with my mum's friend some weeks ago.

Vision / Kepoh (Busy body)
He now likes to watch tv (when it is turned on) whilst drinking milk, or follows anyone that walks pass him. It is especially hard feeding him in the shopping complex as he will be too busy turning his head left and right and forgets about his milk. We usually need to find a quite corner and face the wall or somewhere with less human traffic.

Personal Traits
Albeit to my earlier entry on the same topic, I shared that he likes to go shopping on his pram. Well, he now doesn’t really like to sleep/sit in there, and demands to be carried after an hour or so…so troublesome. And a 9kg weight soon feels like 90kg!!! (Even when we have the Baby Bjorn baby carrier)

Aiden can now turn quite efficiently, especially when he is naked, and doesn’t have the heavy diapers in the way, and holds his head up whilst on his stomach. (Pix in action) It's still very much one-way, as he is still unable to flip from his tummy to his back as of yet.


huisia said...

I reckon that Aiden will talk faster than normal boy does.

jazzmint said...

7am start talking already huh..i have one chatty bird too..gosh I miss my beauty sleep

chanelwong said...

he is getting heavy and healthy too...take care of your back yar when you carry him

milkmaid said...

HuiSia : we shall wait and see....

Jazzmint : Ya, Daddy akin him to a human alarm clock. Nowadays, no need to set alarm....

Chanel : It's my arms that are killing need to use the carrier sometimes (but then shoulder also ache le....)

Sasha said...

aiyo his eyes looks so BIG and i just felt like cubitting his cheeks!

laundryamah said...

great to see the progress huh..wonderful discoveries each day!!

Zara's Mama said...

oh my.. just a few weeks, and he looks so different already.

Haha.. he's a chi-char boy huh?

Sasha said...

wow ..5 months already 8kg. My son gonna be 8 months but he is like 7kgs only..

milkmaid said...

Sasha : We always cubit his tighs, and you know what --- he giggles!!

Amah : Yes, which is why it is so difficult to go to work each morning

Zara's Mum : I find that he changes almost every other week. I think it is even more obvious for those who dont see him often..

jazzmint said...

bravo his looks changed quite a bit huh..and he looks very serious in the pic :).

my boy oso wake us up very early, 630am!!!