MIGF 2006

14 November 2006, Tuesday

Last weekend, Lou Kong surprised me (okay la – not a surprise cause I've been badgering for him to take me somewhere nice for dinner), with a reservation to one of the participating outlets for
Malaysian International Gourmet Fest 2006.

All done in perfect timing, we took baby over to Mum's place for his dinner feed and zoomed off to Westin. This is probably the first time we are out together alone for a nice dinner ever since my delivery, so it was a dinner I truly relished.

Dinner was excellent, considering the number of courses (7 in total) and although each course was smaller than usual, it was a certainly a mouth watering experience. The idea of the food fest is for chefs to showcase their talents, and most of the time, the restaurants will host international chefs flown in for the occasion.

The only set back was that the place was packed, being a Saturday night, and we had a table near the open kitchen (right in the middle of the restaurant) so there was a lot of human traffic around us. Every so often, you'll hear waiters talking behind you, calling for orders to the chef. Sigh ~ so much for a romantic night out…

Here's the menu (which I "kapok") from Prego's.

Note: If you pay by VISA, you will get a RM50 voucher which you can use in your next visit. The only condition attached is voucher is only applicable on Mon – Friday.


Seow Wen said...

oooo..... nice nice
how much was it in total????
I was interested too, but then hubby thinks it's expensive wor.... hehehe

huisia said...

Wow, sounds like very grand and romantic dinner LOL!

milkmaid said...

Shannon : Can check out the web for participating outlets. The one I went for is RM150ish per pax

HuiSia : Aiya, not so ramontic la...like I said, so many people walking around us and restaurant was packed....

chanelwong said...

sooo very nice...hmmmm me just dream