Aiden Turns 6 Months

12 December 2006, Tuesday

Aiden turned 6 months on the 01 December. Yea – mummy here getting a little lazy with the monthly update of him, hiaks!!

Weight : 9.15 kg

Milk Intake : still the same…..6 oz, sometimes 7 oz in the morning

Interval : 3.5 to 4 hours

Sleep : same-o same-o, sleeps at 730pm till 730am (1 feed at 5am)

I haven’t started Aiden with solids yet, as he has extremely sensitive skin. My paed recommended him to start only after 6 months, of which I only started experimenting on weekends with organic rice cereal. The first time had it, he spitted everything out…..on the 2nd try he was skeptical but took it anyhow. I think he didn’t quite like to taste, because it was a bit bland, even though I had mixed it with milk.

Then last week, I got a box of Rusk (mooted by Jazzmint who started Vyktore already with this for evening snacks…) and fed him some yesterday evening….Voila…. he lurved it….smacking his lips and sucking his tongue…..

Very good with small or large objects and able to transfer his toy from left to right hand easily. Strong grip and usually when he is our arms, he likes to stretch out his fingers and pull at the person's lips or nose. I've got a bruised lower lip for proof!!

Verbal Cues
He is a very talkative boy. When left alone, he will sing, coo, and talk to his toy. Can now say "mum mum" , "pa pa", "ma ma" but this is of course all involuntary. Otherwise, he likes to yell and test the volume of his vocal chords until he coughs.

Knows when someone is talking to him, and enjoys the sight of people around him. He understands when a person walks away, and will usually cry when he sees someone leave his sight. When we clap our hands and reach out to him, he will likewise reach out as he knows that someone is about to carry him.

Personal Traits
It's funny how babies develop new "habits" or "traits" everyday. Nowadays, Aiden likes to sleep on his left side, with his right leg swung across his body. When we put him on his back, he will automatically move to his left side. There are also times where he doesn’t like to be held to sleep and rather fall asleep on is own in his cot!! Strange but I wish he could do this all the time ~ but it is only a trend during the night. Oh, how I wish this is true for his afternoon naps too, that would be such a wonderful burden off my mother and MIL's shoulders. Now it is akin to carrying a 10kg rice bag around!! Hahaha

Lastly, my darling is still quite lazy, although he is very quick at turning around from his back to his tummy and vice versa, and spinning 360 degrees on his back, he still cannot sit on his own yet. He is now able to stand for at least 5 seconds with light support under his armpit.


huisia said...

Wow, he can sleeps for 12 hours! So least you and your hubby still can enjoy the "only 2 of you moment" after he fall asleep.

Oscar's Mommy said...

try mixing the organic rice with milk and one pc of blanded apple or pear... i use to mix oscar's cereal with a pc of fruit cos just plain cereal will tast yucky too..

Shannon said...

12 hours!!! cool!!!!!!!!
and so fast can say mum mum and mama and papa liao ar??????? clever boy wor.... :D

Nadia said...

Wow!! 9.16kg? Irfan's only 9.66kg at 8 months. Haha! Even then tak larat nak carry alreadylah. =P

12 hours of sleep is good! Irfan does about 9-12 hours, which is relatively good enough for us. =)

Sasha said...

wow 6 months already 9kg ++..jayden only 8 kg when he is like gonna be 9 months liao...

Pinky said...

wow - like the Bumbo seat - does he like it? Was thinking of getting one for Jeremy. Jeremy will turning 6 months tomorrow as well - yahoo! By the way, if he has sensitive skin (apart from his face) i.e as in rashes, you might want to try agnesia. Jeremy had a lot of rashes lately,and they only subsided after I used Agnesia

laundryamah said...

wah! 6 months nya 9kg leow! ayo...dunno why my kids so skinny must be doing something wrong!

jazzmint said...

wow can sleep thru the nite!!! I"m seriously thinking why mine isnt :(. Aiden drinks a lot more compared to my boy sighh...

what can I say, Vyktore is joining the lazy club also..can't sit on his own and refuse to crawl also

milkmaid said...

HuiSia - 2 of us moment? Ha...the moment he sleeps, I'm running around to do stuff I dont have the opportunity to do. Then I crash into bed around 11ish like a zombie and sleep la..

Oscar's Mum - thanks for the tip!! Alone, the rice tastes like pulp, yucks.

Shannon/Nadia - on good days lar, sometimes he still wakes up at 2 or 3 am to drink like 1 oz! Grrrr !!

Sasha - ya ya, but he's starting to play abit wif milk now, so he may not gain as much in the next month or so.

Pinky - yeah try it out!! I use it when I need to feed him, or need to do stuff in the kitchen. He likes to watch people do stuff, and I know he's safe in there. But, there are also times when he gets irritated cause "kurung" him in there too long.

L/amah - think he's greedy lar. Dunnow why oso he makan so banyak. Dont worry lar, as long as kids healthy. At least you got no backache from carrying the kids around

J/Mint - think it is the gender thing? They say that boys develop slower. Just look at baby Rachel...gosh !!

jazzmint said...

hey..when i travel, i just bring milk storage bag and freeze it in the hotel/apt. then when balik, bring it back lor..i bring a cooler bag with me, together with some ice bags so that it stays frozen all the time when in the flight.

So far no one stop me in the flight, i think local flights not so strict, if u afraid, just tell them it's EBM, they are ok one..that's what suzette told me

sweetpea said...

hi, glad to find a fellow namesake! my Aidan Chan is lots older but imagine the teacher calling out for Aida/en Chan, she will have to call out the full name. and good for u for being able to get thru a whole night's sleep. you're blessed.

chanelwong said...

He is growing well as can see that his weight and also development

laundryamah said...

aiya rusks is soooo sweet of course he likes la! but seriously should start him on pureed boiled fruits like apple, pear etc first..more healthy ler..