Short Takes (Not So Short After All)

01 January 2007, Monday

First and foremost --- HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL........ This is really an outdated update of Aiden, but what the heck...some of the info also not valid anymore, cause I tried to post the day Taiwan got hit by earthquake. Mana tau la....then after that got so busy with family and all that......

I started experimenting with organic rice cereal a couple of weekends ago, and he doesn’t seem to take it too well. After a couple of tiny spoons, he'll start to fuss. I have even tried mashed carrots for a change but he doesn’t seem to like it as well. At first I thought he wasn’t that hungry but when I gave him milk, he gulped it all down. I am wondering now if I started semi solids too late….
(Latest updates, Aiden lurves organic rice cereal mixed with carrots. Today, I tried giving him 2 tbs and he took it all in. Even cried when there was no more....yippeeeee)

I'm so happy that Xmas season is here, and we had put up our tree some weeks back. Aiden has been so excited with the tree, especially when it is lit up at night, he kept wanting to grab the baubles and lights. Here he is with all the presents underneath the tree. You can see the big big Xmas gift from his ah-kong (grandpa) and ah-ma (grandma) on the right….it's a walker!! Suffice to say, Aiden got the most gifts from his uncles, aunties, and grandparents…..
(Aiyo, this weekend gotta take the tree down liao....susah betul)

He is still unable to sit unaided, and needs support for his back most of the time. Here's one of him with daddy's Xmas present – the infamous Lamaze Elephant.

Ah, and finally Boxing Day has arrived… and look what my little cutie is up to. We let him try sitting on the walker, but instead of whizzing around (I know, I know, I think I'm over ambitious), he seem more interested in the toy on the right. Notice his frustration as he's trying to get the toy in the mouth but he cant reach it!! He got really frustrated after trying for 15 mins…

Here's what we’ve been up to:

24/12 (am) The Curve (taking photos with blue blue Xmas trees)
24/12 (pm) Sri Ayutharya for dinner with my family

25/12 (am) Mid Valley Mega Mall (taking photos with the gingerbread house)
25/12 (pm) Dinner at MIL's house **

26/12 (am) Visit to Grandma's house (Aiden's great grandma)

27/12 Much needed R.E.S.T.

28/12 Parents coming over for dinner; will be making sirloin steaks, and pork ribs

** The most unfortunate thing happened at MIL's house. For the first time in Aiden's 6 months and 28 days, he fell off the bed!!! Even with bolsters and pillows around him, he managed to roll right off the bed. My poor baby…….


huisia said...

Since we up the Christmas tree quite late this time, so i think i will only take down before Chinese New Year. We all like to see the flashing.

jazzmint said...

looks like taiwan earthquake affected alot of ppl...

happy new year

Pinky said...

My son has rolled off the bed 3 times *lol* despite the mountains of pillows and bolsters. Just gotta watch them like hawk now that they are expert rollers.

Once they like cereal, they would eat anything i.e carrots, sweet potatoes, bananas, yoghurts, apples etc

Nadia said...

Happy New Year!

Great to hear that Aiden wants to eat solid. After this, he'll eat everything and anything under the sky, just like Irfan. Haha!

Sorry to hear that he fell off the bed. I know it's very sakit hati, but it teaches them that the edge is dangerous. Irfan has fallen off dunno how times already, and now, he's very wary of the edge. We still stand beside him incase he tergolek, but so far, he knows he's not supposed to go beyond the edge. =) As long as there's no vomitting and such, Aiden's doing fine.