Aiden Turns 7 Months

see me stick my tongue out... that's for not lettng me out of this chair!!

04 January 2007, Thursday

Oh my….there is so much to write about Aiden and his development. For a first time mum, I guess everything is a new experience and I am totally in awe with him although we've had him for 7 months.

Weight : 9.3kg or thereabouts (we have not weighed him since he turned 6)
Food : 7 oz milk each time; 1 serving organic rice cereal w veggie; 1 serving pureed fruit
Interval : Every 3.5 hours during the day

It's the grab-what-you-can season! He cannot sit still, and would pull at almost everything. It makes carrying him a chore because he would lunge at anything that he fancies. Just the other day, he did a back bend when I was carrying him causing me to nearly drop him. Of course anything that falls into his hands will literally go into his mouth. Oh yeah, if he cannot find anything to grab, he will start to pull at your nose, lips and spectacles (my hubby wears specs)

Verbal Cues
Talk, talk and talk. Even at 7am, when he is awake, he laughs and talks to his toys and his all time favorite blanket. He seems to play peek-a-boo with his own blanket and giggles. Even both hubby and I cant help but wake up and laugh with him. He loves it when I sing nursery rhymes to him, and will try to sing along, by making sounds together with me.

He is able to understand "No" when I firmly tell him so. This happened one day when he pulled a magnet from the fridge door and tried to eat it. He turned down his mouth when I said "No" but dare not put it into his mouth. He looked at it longingly, and threw it away soon after. We tried to same thing again the following day, and when I said "No" once more, he cried but once again dare not put it into his mouth. Now when I bring him near the fridge, he would look at the magnets, and is very hesitant to pull at it.

We play peek-a-boo with him to make him realize that we are still behind the door/wall even though he cannot see us. Sometimes he waits in anticipation for us to appear again. Sometimes he loses interests, forgets and cries thinking that we have left him. He also loves playing with his own image in the mirror.

Personal Trait
My next door neighbor nick-named him The Friendly Baby. That's because Aiden smiles at everyone that smiles at him. The only time when he cries out in fear is if he sees a stranger talk to him and mummy/daddy is not within sight. He probably thinks that we left him.

He's an expert in turning and rolling all over the place. But my lil boy still has a long way to go cause he still cannot sit without support. The best he can do is to sit in a high chair, or his booster seat.


Shannon said...

woo hoo... big boy liao....
no worries, in no time, he'll be sitting and then the nitemare comes, WALKING!!! :D

jazzmint said...

wah big boy liao..

hey wanna ask u where do u get the organic rice cereal?

Anonymous said...

the baby so cute~