Precious Time

15 February 2007

Much to what this entry is titled, I am left wondering what has happened to my time in 24 hours that really leaves me with none/zero/zilch time for myself these days.

I read with wonder all the mummy blogs and the time that they have spent writing about their babies and children; and wonder why I cant. Much as I love to, I dont even have time to read their blogs, and for those of you who know my trend by now, I usually end up reading like 10 posts at one go !!

So here's a glimpse of my 24 hour-life (weekday) in a nutshell:

0620am : Wake up
0630 - 0650 : Express Milk
0650 - 0730 : Get ready for work, sometimes Aiden is awake so I give his his morning feed
0730 - 0830 : Send baby to mum's or MIL's home/Stuck in traffic jam to work
0830 - 1745 : Work, work, work. Sometimes no time to read blogs.
1330 - 1400 : Express Milk
1800 - 1900 : Fetch Aiden and take him home
1900 - 2030 : Baby time (shower, feed and play)
2030 - 2100 : MY time (shower and relax before dinner)
2100 - 2300 : Dinner, Watch TV, read papers and Express Milk
2330 / 0000 : ZZZZZzzzz

Sigh - such is my daily routine...Dont get me wrong, but I know that life definintely changes with a baby around, and I love Aiden to bits. I rather cancel appointments with friends just to be home with him and it seems my life revolves just around the baby and my family. When I go shopping, it's always straight to the babies section. When we go to restaurants, it is always a place to accomodate him. (Once we went to a place with no baby chair, and we actually walked out of the restaurant !) Sometimes I miss him so much that I'll drive over to MIL's place during lunch time just to play with him for 20 mins (OK la - distance from my office to house is only 5 mins)

Am I overdoing it? Do you think this is healthy for us in the long term?


Pinky said...

Dun worry, you're not the only mom who feels this way. I dun have time to blog either much less post pictures - most of the time it takes place in the middle of the night when I have put Jeremy to bed or have completed my chores for the day. Like yourself, I'm a FTWM as well and often think about him during the day while I'm work. But I guess you will get used to it - at least that's what ppl tell me. I used to miss him like crazy but I know he is under a safe pair of hands.

TheBlueRanger said...

At the end of the day, I think we all know that it's all worth it. We have a baby to hug hug and kiss kiss.

jazzmint said...

don't worry lah, u are not the only 1. me also sometimes work work work like siao, rush like siao, go home and do so many things until put the kids to zzz me oso zzz. Well I guess that's a Mommy life :) and it's worth every single cent when you see them smile at u rite.

hey if u miss him, just print out his pic stick to the cubicle lah..I do that when I'm stressed, I look at their face, instant stress reliever

milkmaid said...

Pinky : Wah you can blog at nite some more. I'm so tired by the end of the day, I just wanna crash

B/Ranger : U r absolutely right

Jazzmint : Oh boy...u should see the amount of photos I have at my cubicle. Pple say I gila la..

Nadia said...

Don't worry about itlah. I sometimes don't have time to do anything else either. And by the time I get home, I'm soooo tired that I just want to crash and not think about blogs or whatever.

Good thing is I get to spend some quality time with Irfan while travelling from Putrajaya to Bangsar (although he sleeps most of the time) and during the evenings when we head home.

He looks for his Papa more than he looks for me (only cari me for food and mandi time!) and sometimes I used to get sad lah, but it's ok. =) At least I'll get some ME time.. teeheeheeeee...