Aiden Turns 8 Months

15 February 2007, Thursday

*backdated post*

This is like 2 weeks backdated, and with reference to my post this afternoon (Precious Time), you'll understand why. Aiden turned 8 months on 01 Feb, exactly 2 weeks ago. So let's look at his development :

Weight : 9.5 kg
Height : dunno lar
Food : 7oz milk each feed; organic rice cereal w veggie for lunch; pureed fruits for tea

Sleep : 2 or 3 naps during the day; sleeps by 830pm and usually wakes up at 730am

He is very skilled at picking up small objects and loves to examine each object (especially new ones) in great details. He can also pull his body up using the rail on his cot.

Verbal Cues
Can say MaMa, MumMum and PaPa - but of course as and when he wants to. The only consistent word, in which we think he truly understands in MumMum (in Cantonese it means eating) because he will repeat that word over and over again each time we put him on the high chair, and feed him. In fact he will say MumMum in between each spoonful of cereal. It is really quite funny.

Of course he now has this "separation anxiety" syndrome; and each time we leave him on his cot/pen/mattress he will start to whimper if we were to walk away from him. He can also see very fine objects. One day, I caught him staring near my face whilst changing him, and then he reached out to grab what I thought was air, but in actual fact, it was a single strand of my long hair near my face !!

Personal Trait
Funny boy I have here, why I say this is because when he is sleepy, he will suck his right thumb and put his left arm across his eyes. He goes to sleep like this... so if you were to look at him, he really looks like a mini adult trying to catch 20 winks.

Sigh - another month has passed and my lil boy is still very lazy. We call him the Leaning Tower of Pisa cause he cannot sit up straight, and also cannot crawl; although he is trying very hard to. Does anyone have any ideas on helping my son crawl?

Pic is blur cause downloaded from my handphone. His fav "toy" which he will leave it there and play with other toys. It is actually the linkadoos from Fisher Price


jazzmint said...

wow such a big boy liao!!!

Judy Chow said...

Help him to crawl, try to put a new toy away from him and ask him to get it..I train my boy like that..

Sasha said...

months and 9.5 kgs edi...Paiseh. Jayden is 11 months but only 9.05kg.

Etcetera~Mommy said...

First time here.. :)

Cute Baby Aiden!!

Wow..9.5kg at 8 months.. Geng!!

Nadia said...

Aiyooo.. Irfan crawls so much now that his kneecap is quite dark. Nyeh!

Maybe Aiden wants to walk and doesn't want to crawl? We'll see.. =)

laundryamah said...

ya i think him being heavy makes it more difficult to crawl or sit up. don't worry la different babies have different development leh but check with your paed to be sure

chanelwong said...

when I saw him last weekend, wow he is such a big boy...

Pinky said...

He looks rather handsome with more hair now *lol*