Aiden Turns 10 months

Thursday, 12 April
Gosh - I think that it's been like 2 months since I visited my own blog. I shall not even venture into sharing with you the tons of reasons - mainly, err no make that 99% due to work. Plus I rarely log in from home, and my weekends are packed with activities that I hardly have time...
Aiden is now 10 months and has really grown by leaps and bounds in the last 2 months. I've been lamenting about his slow development - at that time he could not crawl let alone sit up straight. He's now crawling (army style!!) and we can hardly keep him still. Phew !!

Some updates on Aiden:

Weight & Height
He hasnt been to see the dr lately so dunno. He should be heavier and taller cause it's hard to carry him for more than 5 mins and his jumpsuits are getting tighter. Last check was 10kg.

He still has 4 milk feeds in a day, with 1 portion of fruits (breakfast) and 2 portions of porridge (lunch and dinner)

Able to pick up small objects with his fingers, able to point with index finger and manuevour into corners or small spaces to pick up things. I am beginning to find non-descriptive items picked up by him where serious spring cleaning would not have even picked up !

Able to understand when I point at something and he will follow suit. Sometimes I like to sit back and observe him during play time. He'll be taking toys out from his toy box and systematically move them from left to right then back into the box again. I really wonder what he's thinking about sometimes

Knows the concept of "object permanence". If I disappear behind the wall/door or go into another room asking him to wait for me, he will usually sit and stare at the same spot where I last was and wait for my appearance again!

He is also more independent now and knows what he wants. Ie he will cry when an object is taken away from him and usually defies us by holding tight on the item and stomping his feet (This is when he is in the walker).

He can crawl army style, on his belly, using his feet and hands to push forward. He is also able to pull himself to standing position when left in the playpen or cot. If we are holding him, he will usually try to crawl over our shoulders. So it short, like a worm !

Keeping it short and simple, hope that I can keep posting more consistently from now on.

aiyo - caught in action *censored ah*


huisia said...

Welcome really MIA quite a long time la..

Jason h said...

Going to Cali this weekend!! We're you the one asking me about the government grants website? Here it is..Here ya go..

laundryamah said...

ya la MIA too long leow! yr prince really getting more n more handsome must post more pics!

jazzmint said...

wah welcome back.....he's changed so much lah

chanelwong said...

sooo big boy liau...welcome back

Sasha said...

eh luckily u censored!

Nadia said...

Welcome back and Happy 10 months Aiden! :)

Irfan has the same "ABC" book too. Hehehe..

Anonymous said...

so cute, by the way u have a tag.

Baby Darren said...

wah..can sit on potty..good start for toilet training. Darren still refuse to sit on his potty.

Anyway, welcome back after MIA for so long. Looking forward more to ur posts.