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20 July 2007, Friday

1-O'clock , 2-O'clock, 3-O'clock - Rock

Wow – Awarded Rocking Blogger. Thanks Sasha, we mummies sure ROCK! This makes me feel like when I was back at school and we were given Stars to pin next to our names for our punctuality, neat handwriting, perfect scores for exams.

Can I pass on this Star now to these wonderful mommies who I believe rocks the net!



4 – 4 – 4 – 4

I guess it's quite true that Chinese don’t like the number 4. But I owe this tag to Mummy of 2 Angels and Pinky already:

Four Jobs In My Life:
1. Waitress during my university days in Adelaide. It was in a Thai Restaurant and I remember I had to cut kilos after kilos of beef and chicken meat for stir fry before the shop opened for dinner. Money was good at the time so I slogged through it ~ AUD10 per hour.
2. Was paid to sit for psychology test during university days. University researchers needed to conduct these tests for their papers etc etc and they paid students to do so! Easy money and was paid like AUD 30 for each paper.
3. HR Associate in a telecommunication company. Was my first job and I had to do anything and everything plus was paid peanuts for it.
4. HR Manager the current company I work for. I'm not complaining as there's good work challenge for me and with a work life balance culture here, I get to go home to Aiden early enough.

Four Countries I've Been for Vacation:
1. China – Shanghai, Beijing
2. India – New Delhi, Agra
3. France - Paris
4. Italy – Rome & Venice

Four of My Favourite Food (this is really hard because I have so many):
1. Anything Italian
2. Anything Japanese
3. Durian Pancake from Lai Poh Heen Restaurant, Mandarin Oriental
4. Xiu Long Pau from Shanghai Restaurant, JW Marriot

Four Places I'd Rather Be Now:
1. At home curled up with a good book plus coffee
2. At home with my little cutie pie Aiden
3. At a beach front with both loves of my life enjoying the morning breeze and sea spray on our faces
4. Ye Old Smokehouse with a good book enjoying scones and tea

Four Friends To Tag:
1. The Blue Ranger
2. WMD
3. Nadia
4. Chanel


jazzmint said...

wah..banyak tag LOL.

hey is shanghai nice?

Anggie's journel said...

milkmaid , what will u do if u have $1Million ????

G @ said...

thanks for the award dear :D