Texchem Warehouse Sales (13 – 14 July)

19 July 2007, Thursday

I received an email from Chanel last week Thursday on the above and un-knowingly went all the way to Subang (near Giant) during lunch time on Friday to see if there were any goodies to pick up.

Why I said un-knowingly? Because this is my first time there and I thought being a weekday, the crowd should be manageable, and since it opened at 12 noon on that day, I thought I might be one of the lucky few early birds to get in.

Boy oh boy, was I wrong. Firstly, the road leading to Texchem was blocked (crazy policemen) as of all times, they had to check for cars with expired road tax. You won't miss Texchem because there were cars parked at least 200m before that and you could already see people coming out carrying bags after bags of goodies.

I looked at my watch ~ 1230pm. Sales had only started for only half hour and the queue is like super long!! I was lucky to get a park approximately 100m away from the entrance. Cut story short, by the time I got in, most of the Lego items 'sudah sapu' by people!! And one must be prepared to be shoved by people to get the toys that you wanted. They were also selling food stuff but I did not venture into the crowd of aunties and uncles scrambling for the last few Kellog's box or Ibumie noodles. Phew - cut story again, I definitely came out with more than a few feathers ruffled ~

My goodies I got ~ for nieces and big baby (hubby) if we cannot wait till Aiden turns 8 years old to play. I certainly don’t want to leave the boxes in my store-room and have this happen to me!

Lego for big baby or if we can wait that long for Aiden to grow up

Barbie accessories for my neice (Xmas present)

Sweeper from movie Robots for Aiden

Push toy for Aiden (he lurves this toy)


Anggie's journel said...

wow... very cool toys u get to buy.. not bad.. This is so call warehouse sales ... crowned with people and long long Q.
I got sms from chanel too, but is a bit too far for me...not able to go.
mayb should pay a visit next WHS , better to take a leave off to grap cheaper toys... hahaha

Baby Darren said...

i went there once and was disappointed by the sales..good item no more, left not so good one and not very cheap too...

I bought the Robot one too during the sale that time..but not for darren but for his cousin brother.

cairo's mommy said...

wow, must've been super cheap hah, so many toys hahaha :D

great haul!