Weekend Updates

16 July 2007, Monday

Allergy Report

We got a call from the doctor's over the weekend (finally after 3 long weeks) on the result to Aiden's allergy test. He was tested to be highly positive (is there such a thing?) aka highly allergic to Chicken, Egg White and Egg Yolk. Our doctor also recommended that Aiden stay away from them for at least the next 1 year, aiyoo ~ that means till he turns 2.

On the positive note, his allergy test returned as negative for Pork, Anchovies and Fish. However, we are still going to be super cautious when we try out any of the above new foods as I've heard from a blogger mummy that a negative test may not always be true if the baby has not had any of them before. (which is the case for Aiden)



Another update on what Aiden learnt over the weekend:

YES : Bobs his head up and down, sometimes quite vigorously too

NO : Shakes his head left to right to left, again but it's really funny to see
him at the start of the shake because he finds it difficult to do so. He must put his chin to his chest before he can shake his head!!

Does anyone know how to teach a toddler to understand the meaning of Yes or No? Right now, he's only doing it because we ask him to.


Jogoya Restaurant, Starhill KL

We thought we'd try out this place on Saturday night, so I called on Saturday evening to make a dinner reservation. The hostess was very courteous and told me to take down my reservation number – D79…. Aiks! Sounds like Durian lar….

We got there around 8pm, and boy oh boy, you should see the spread of food!! Sorry huh, we were too engrossed with baby plus orientating ourselves so that we could find our way back to the table (yes the place can fit like 1,000 people!) that I forgot to take photos!! Aiden was such a darling and didn’t fuss on bit throughout dinner. I think it was also because we bought a whole Tupperware of his organic biscuits, so he was busy munching on it.

Anyhow, I'd recommend it if you have a good appetite and if you are a seafood lover. It aint exactly 5-star dining, but if you want a good fix of unlimited soft shell crabs, unagi, cod, fresh oysters, coconut drink and Haagen Daaz ice cream, then this is it! Oh, I must mention the dessert spread is yummy with a wide selection on mochi too! Dinner per pax is RM88++.

It was also a birthday treat for my maid – oh what the heck, it's only once a year.


Nadia said...

Waaaaahhhh.. maid gets to celebrate her birthday at a Star Hill restaurant? Can I be your maid too? LOL!!!!

Have you tried the Thai Restaurant there? I can't remember the name, but it was awesome the last few times we were there.

On Aiden's allergy, errrr, allergic to chicken?? Poor boy... So what does he eat nowadays? Kesian...

Pinky said...

For a child to indicate "no" or Yes" require much practice. You can teach him to use hand gestures.

Btw, you have been tagged!

Mummy to QiQi said...

i was reading so shiok on the way u describe the food they serve, what is available, expecting to see any photos that might be coming along, until the end part...what, this is a treat for your maid ??? wah...so lucky one ah!

shern's mom said...

i must go there someday. my sis is a big fan of jogoya too..but then again, i dont eat seafood. what's left for me then?

jazzmint said...

wah ur maid vy lucky LOL...

oh boy..not good news on aiden's alergy. so gotta avoid a lot food :(.

hmm i've heard so much bout jogoya.....shall try it one of these days

Shannon said...

wah, u celebrate ur maid's birthday in jogoya???? so good of u... :D

as for the yes and no gesture, i've been trying to teach rachel to understand it before she move her head, but, am STILL TRYING...

Anggie's journel said...

Hi, i m first time here ...
my boy hv allergy of egg too ..:(
Your maid is lucky to have u :)
btw, like about ur blog and hope to exchange link with u ... izit fine for u ? :)

Zara's Mama said...

RM88? Not too bad..
Oh boy.. Aiden is allergic to all chicken produce.. So he can't have chicken soup then?

Btw, I tagged you, a charity tag.

milkmaid said...

Nadia : Jim Thompson? Yes - food very good there. Re allergy, yep - but he's ok with fish and pork. So I guess that's his protien fix besides his milk

Pinky / Shannon : Slowly lor, My boy very impatient, cannot even sit still for 10 seconds for me to teach him anything.

Mummy to QiQi : kakaka

Shern's mummy : well, they do have chicken, beef etc at the hot section, but I must say that at least 70% is seafood spread.

Jazzmint : I seldom bring my maid out for dinner, so I guess it's ok to give her a b/day treat lor

Anggie : thanks for dropping by my site, of course we can link up !!

ZMM : saw the tag, will do when free huh? Re allergy, not too concern with chicken cause can take pork. I was more worried with egg, cause then he cant take cakes, confectionary items etc...

healy said...

LOL! see, I'm drooling again... I miss those fancy and delicious dessert from buffet dinner.Mmm... It's so Yummy!

I'll mark this down -- Jogoya Restaurant! Sounds great!

My little Elizabeth once were Allergy to milk, but, she's ok now. Just do as the PD advise. Try it on him again after 1 year of break. Hopefully, he'll get over it quite soon like little Elizabeth. :)

Anggie's journel said...

Hi... very happy to see u dropping by my blog... will come back to u soon :)

laundryamah said...

oh dear allergic to egg? ayooo..so many things cannot eat leow leh...hope he outgrows this!

wah ur maid so lucky one? actually if my maid is good i don't mind celebrating for her too but she's no good! blechhh!

G @ mommibee.com said...

oh that's difficult if allergic to egg yolk & chicken. but one year will pass very quickly. nevermind,is ok to take it slow. same here. paed didnt do another test on Bee at the last visit. she said to do it only after a year. she advised to introduce new foods a little at a time.

Sasha said...

jayden also shake his head and nod when we asked him too. But then i also dunno if he understand or not. Cos when i told him no, he smile at me and continue to do it again! Arghhh!

mommy of 2 angels said...

wah maid bird-day also celebrate..u terror la!!

chicken allergy - 1st time i heard that la..egg ya but chicken?? but better be very careful coz allergies can be very scarry!

mommy of 2 angels said...

wei i tag u


Sasha said...

i have something for u


Baby Darren said...

I think I am like ur maid...hubby suggested to have my birthday dinner at Jogoyo tomorrow night but I rejected coz i went there twice and wanted something more special...hehe...so, must be an eye opener for ur maid huh?

Re Aiden's allergy, maybe u can start him on some ikan bilis soap for his porridge. Fish is very nutritious and it is good for him. In the meantime just avoid chicken since the test show positive for chicken.

Think not easy to make them understand yes or no by now but sooner or later, he'll sure understand...

Sweetpea said...

it's pretty common for kids to be allergic to something. i guess he will have to try the eggs later. beware of cakes and stuff with eggs since he can't eat them now.

i don't know about u, but in aust. they always recommend to introduce eggyolk first. see how it goes when he can try again. an alternative good source of protein and good oil is avocado. can just mash them up, i mix with banana. aidan loves it.

to build the immune system and fuel for the brain, try efalex. it's really good, although a little expensive.

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