Home Sick

09 July 2007, Monday

This confirms that Aiden pines for his bedroom and bed when it comes to sleeping at night. Hubby and I went for a wedding dinner last Saturday (auspicious 07-07-07) and I was a little apprehensive on how he would behave during bedtime. We took him to Mum's place in the evening prior to going out.

When I called in at 9pm, Dad told me that Aiden refused to go to bed. Each time Mum took him upstairs, he started to cry. They resorted to switching off the lights but he still cried. Dad said that they may end up going for a car ride to get him to fall asleep.

The second time I called at 10pm, Aiden was already fast asleep. But not until my parents took him on a car ride which lasted for at least 20 minutes, before he fell asleep.

It's strange that babies can really differentiate between day time naps and night time sleep. Well, I guess my boy will need more training, because Hubby and I will be going on a holiday later in the year and he's staying home with Mum or MIL!!


Pinky said...

Oh they know where their "nest" is. We just couldn't get Jeremy to sleep the one time that we stayed over at my parents' place when there was a blackout!

jazzmint said...

they can smell their bed one hehe.....but if u want to train them..gotta start doing that...or else later travel susah, MIL sure call n complain

Shannon said...

maybe he wanted to wait until u guys come back leh...

Zara's Mama said...

So you have to train him by going out more and leaving him with your parents.. haha..

Btw, forgot to ask you, how did your salted egg go?

Mine were fantastic.. all the yolk oily oily (I think this batch of eggs are good).. but it took me 3 weeks this time to get them salted.

mommy of 2 angels said...

ya they need to look for the smelly pillows or familiar room...move ur mom or MIL to your house lor!!

milkmaid said...

Pinky/Jazzmint : yeah, I was hoping he'd outgrown it...looks like note

Shannon : Could be true? Mebbe I should go out more often huh?

ZMM : Eggs were yummylicious. I havent been really hardboiling it but instead use egg yolk to steam together with chicken eggs. (Like cawan mushi lar)...my maid lurves the egg white

M02A : It came across my mind too. I'll have to consider that the next time!