Preparing for Christmas 2007

14 Jan 2008, Monday

[backdated post]

Here's Santa's little helper….well, not so little anymore eh? Now, he can help me hang ornaments on the tree (errr – I think it was more like removing and destroying the ornaments on the tree).

When I was putting up the tree, I recalled Xmas 2006, when he was barely 6 months old and was presented with a walker by my parents! How time flies!

Psst - there will be several backdated posts coming ahead as I have not updated my blog for so long !


slavemom said...

U've got a lil helper there... when he's not destroying things. hehehe

Baby Darren said...

wah...he is so good boy, can help mommy somomore. Won't he try to pull the things out from the christmas tree?

This year i dare not put up my christmas tree as I know darren will sure pull it down for me. To avoid any accident from happening, the christmas tree ended up in hubby's office.

Mommibee says HI from Sydney said...

wah can help mommy already. time flies indeed. that's a beautiful christmas tree! i am sure he'll enjoy helping u unassemble the tree also, hehe

Mommibee says HI from Sydney said...
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