Trip To Singapore

10 April 2008, Thursday

Aiden took his maiden trip to Singapore last month. It certainly was quite exciting for hubby & I, and we had planned this up as early as February. I planned for a day's leave and took Aiden for to make his very first passport! I must say that our Immigration Department's services has stepped up of late, and I was surprised by their somewhat efficiency. Because I had Aiden in tow, we didn’t have to queue for the submission of documents, and managed to get into a special waiting line for oldies, preggies and exceptional cases. It took us all but less than an hour and I was surprised to hear that we could even collect the passport after 3 hours. Well, of course I didn’t want to wait and chose to return at the end of the business day, just as they were about to close. It took me less than 5 minutes this time.

It wasn’t a real holiday per se, as we were attending hubby's cousin's wedding. It was beautiful – held under a marquee at Fort Canning Park. Although it got a little warm towards the end of the night, as it was held outdoors under like a hundred spot lights.

We stayed here, managed to get a special deal through the internet. Although it's not smack in the middle of the city, it was a stone's throw away from the MRT station and we had no trouble getting around for the 3 days that we were there.

The stay was considerably short as we took a mid morning flight to Singapore and we could do much on the first day. Aiden was such a good boy, and slept immediately after lunch. We could not do much thereafter but to get ready for the wedding that evening. So voila, that was Day 1 gone….

On Day 2, we took a quick breakfast along Orchard Road, and headed for Tangs – we found out that there was a Baby Promotion that weekend. We bagged ourselves ~ err ok, more for Aiden, a Maclaren stroller – that was going for less than SGD250.00! We thought it was quite a steal. We then had dim sums with relatives and that took us to mid afternoon. We were quite pooped by then with all the walking and decided to return to the hotel to rest. Of course Aiden missed his routine nap but he was as perky as ever at the hotel and we really didn’t get much rest at all!!

That night, we went to visit our Godson and their parents who were based in Singapore and Aiden didn’t wait soon enough to make their apartment his new home. When we wanted to leave at the end of the night, he waved bye bye to us and promptly settled himself on my Godson's bed to continue playing!!

We left Singapore in the mid afternoon flight the next day, suffice to say we didn’t really do any serious damage to our pockets.

Leaving you with some photos of Aiden …

Taking his photo was a nightmare - it was close to 15 mins and 10 takes after that we managed a decent shot

Jumping - jumping - jumping: at the hotel in Singapore

Ma mee - can we take this bed home?


Pinky said...

How was the plane ride for Aiden?

Mummy to QiQi said...

heard that sing is getting expensive these days? especially the refurbished hotels !

Nadia said...

WOW! He looks like he was enjoying the bed! So cute with just wearing the pampers. ;)

milkmaid said...

Pinky : Was ok - no complains from Aiden although he was clambering around like a little monkey

M2QQ : with the exchange rate yes. Unless you can find a good bargain or 2, most of the things you can get in KL, unless it's the variety that you're after

Nadia : Yeah - he was so relieved from the cab rides / plan rides, he started jumping up and down the bed with glee

Constance Chan said...

hotels in sg can be really cheap if u book throught the internet. like those last minute deals. we ourselves take a weekend break going to hotels or the chalet on some stressed weekends ourselves although we live in singapore!

sheraton is only a stone's throw from newton. that is a terrifich choice. my girls love hotel so much that sometimes in the weekends when we ask where do they want to go, they shout in unison 'Hotel!' see how spoilt they are!

Baby Darren said...

Aiden looked so different - a big boy now - maybe due to the hair cut.

It's fun to bring them for holiday nowadays as they are more mobile and love new environment.

chanelwong said...

soo big boy...
must be a good trip..
you got a good bargain for the maclaren..

J@n!ce said...

Glad that you had a short trip over here & even bought home a good stroller :)

Mommibee says HI from Sydney said...

thought u stopped bloggin already :P
welcome back.
it's great to see aiden's new photos!

mumbojumbo said...

he looks so cute in all the photoss!