Ma - Mee

09 April 2008, Wednesday

After a long hiatus from writing - you could call it many things such as writer's block, no time, too busy although I would beg you not to think that I'm too lazy; I'm finally trying to pick up from where I left off. Which is rather difficult, because 3 months is really a long time and lots to update on Aiden's development thus far.

Well, let me keep it simple and just share on the latest development which has me beaming from ear to ear every time I hear Aiden say it. After a 22-month wait, Aiden's finally able to call me Mummy! He's had the problem with pronouncing the "i" in Mummy. All this time, he calls me Ma Ma; which sounds like what you'd call your paternal grandmother in Cantonese.

He surprised me one day with a soft version of Ma-Mee (literally soft so much so I had to prompt him to repeat – which of course he didn’t). It took another full 24 hours before I heard it again. Now he's able to call for me without me prompting him to, usually runs to me, calling me at the same time.

The other word he frequently uses when he wants to get our attention is "B" – actually short for Baby. Maybe I should stop using terms of endearment as freely as I usually do ~ I usually call my hubby – "B". This is especially when I need to call him loudly – usually he is either downstairs and I'm upstairs or vice versa. These days, Aiden will stand at the top of the stairs, hanging on to the baby gate, and yell "B, B" for anyone. He even calls out to the maid saying "B" .

So there you go, my first entry and I promise to do better next time huh?


chanelwong said... called you ...Good News..

Adino said...

So cute, he calls everyone like you call your husband :)

Baby Darren said...

welcome back...can't wait to see how much Aiden has grown for the past 3 months.

I'm sure his "ma..mee" melts your heart. I am still waiting for darren to call me mommy. Like Aiden, he is also having problem pronouncing the "i"..

Any latest pics of Aiden?