Aiden's New Home

15 January 2008, Tuesday

[yet another backdated post]

Aiden was very excited when he got into his new home. It fitted him perfectly, and this was one home where he could actually reach for the windows and doors! Both mummy and daddy stood aside proudly while he explored this new place and after a good 10 seconds, he declared it His.

You may be wondering if we just bought a new place? Actually, no….

this new place is just the right height for me

check out the window - I can actually reach the sill

ahh - let's get comfortable

Daddy - can we take this home?

Aha - Caught you there! This was taken on Christmas Day in Westin Hotel, KL. The 3 of us, hubby, baby and 1 splurged 1 night and stayed in the hotel on Christmas' Eve. We had a 5 course set dinner at EEST (a restaurant in Westin) and later on took to the KL lights around Bukit Bintang area and Pavilion. Of course Aiden had the most fun exploring the hotel room and huge bathroom and didn’t get to bed until 1130pm that night. As for me and hubby, we slept on Westin's trademark "Heavenly Bed" full of bliss……


jazzmint said... syiok eh he with the new home

Sue said...

He has grown...yay! You are back...

slavemom said...

He'd be so happy if he has a Playhouse like that at home. *hint hint to mummy n daddy*

Adino said...

How much did it cost? I would love to go get pampered in a hotel for a weekend :)

mom2ashley said...

nice new home!

shern's mom said...

how nice, a hotel stay for christmas eve. that kind of home is not cheap leh, but no point gettin it also. not like kids will want to sleep in there, 15 minutes a day will bored them already.

Baby Darren said...

haha..i thot u bought the playhouse for him...darren loves the playhouse too. Maybe 1 day we should bring them to IOI mall kiddy land again. There have a few playhouses there. I bet Aiden will love it.

milkmaid said...

Jazzmint/Mom2Ashley : yeh, like mummy depriving him of toys hor..

Sue : finally.. vow to update more often )

Slavemom : My house is too small for that and it must cost a bomb!

Adino: the hotel stay or the playhouse? We're starwood members (westin is part of starwood) so actually it's not that expensive.

Shern's mum : Totally agree, and we've got loads of toys at home to prove it.

B/Darren : Yes ! Sorry I missed the last outing. My house reno took ages !

Pinky said...

Westin, KL for a night - wow.. bonus last year must have been good :)

chanelwong said...

Aiden did really have fun with the is fun

Mummy to QiQi said...

haha...all kids sure love this little house yeah....

Nadia said...

He looks like he did have lotsa fun! :) Until I read the line where you said it was at Westin, I thought you guys must've spent a bomb and a half buying the said house. Hehe!

Sasha said...

Ah u got me there. i tot got new house!

Anonymous said...

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laundryamah said...

wow that's nice...i love going for one night stays at hotels too...wonder when will be our's been some time..