The Things He Say...

22 May 2008, Thursday

Boo-Boo : Book
Wow Wow : Dog
Meow : Cat
Baass : Bus
Big Tuck : Big Truck
Pak Pak (high) : Park / Trees
Pak Pak (low) : Bathing
Nen Nen : Milk
Baby : Baby
Car : Car
Tar : Star
Tak : Tag
Toy : Toy
Elmo : Elmo
Spidey : Spiderman

Mum Mum : Eat
Chit : Sit
Pou Pou : To be carried
Up Up : To be carried
More More : Wants more of whatever that he's having, be it toys, food
Yes : Yes
No : No

Body Parts He Can Identify With in English, Malay and Hokkien (Chinese Dialect)

Eyes / Mata / Bat Chiu
Nose / Hidung / Pee Kong
Mouth / Mulut
Tongue / Lidah / Hee Yah
Teeth / Gigi
Ear / Telinga
Body / Badan
Hands / Tangan / Chiu
Fingers / Jari
Nails / Kuku
Leg / Kaki / Ka


Baby Darren said...

woww...aiden knows so much..he is really a smart boy. Darren has yet to talk even he is 2 soon.

saw ur so glad 2nd one is on the way...a big CONGRATULATIONS to you and your family. Aiden be a kor kor happy for you.

No wonder you've disappeared for so long. must be those morning sickness and first trimester discomfort that stop you from blogging.

Anyway, do take care.

Adino said...

This 'baby dictionary' will come in handy for me in a year or so!


jazzmint said...

wow he can talk alot...

and i spotted that pregnancy tracker...congrats!!

Sasha said...

ah like i suspected, u're pregnant. Congrats! and he is a super cute kiddo!

laundryamah said...

that's very good command of the language he has there for his age..& congrats on ur 2nd pregnancy! take care

Nadia said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the second pregnancy! :)

He's such a chatty lil' by, ey? You just wait 'til he starts stringing words.. you'll go nuts! Hahaha!

Mommibee says HI from Sydney said...

wow 3 languages, so intelligent!