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23 May 2008, Friday

I am so glad it's Friday. It's been 10 days since my maid's departure, and I am already feeling the strain. H~E~L~P. So here's my weekday routine without a maid:

7:30am Alarm goes off…..
7:40 In pajamas, prepare Aiden's food and sterilized bottles for the day
8:00 Get dressed in record time
8:15 Shoot out of the house with Aiden (if hubby doesn’t take him)
8:45 Drop him at MIL's
9:00 Enter office car park (phew no road kills!)
6:15pm Pick Aiden up
7:00 Arrive at mum's house (stays in my neighbourhood) and deposit Aiden
7:03 Get home to clean house & kitchen mess, water the garden, shower
8:00 Walk to mum's to collect dinner & Aiden
8:30 Eat dinner with hubby at home (hubby strolls back around this time)
9:00 Clean kitchen mess from dinner, prepare for tomorrow, play with Aiden
10:00 Milk for Aiden
10:15 Bedtime for Aiden
11:00 Bedtime for me

We used to cook dinner at home, but without the maid, mum has graciously offered to cook for us. Thanks Mum!

Although it's not a lot of work, but with the added bump-in-the-belly, house chores do certainly tire me out these days. Of course, everything changes when I look at this little fella smile and call me "Mummy" ………


chanelwong said...

Good thing your mom nearby...

Like me...also like robot n routine everyday to get Jeriel ready for kindy and at nite for bedtime plus housework...

what happen to your maid?

jazzmint said...

wahh...memang schedule vy tight. mommies are like robots...everyday oso schedule sama one...but daddy.hai...can take own sweet time LOL...that's mine lah

milkmaid said...

Chanel - 2 yr contract was up, ahd she didnt want to extend. I'm in between maids now. The next one is only coming in June/July

Jazzmint - Hiaks! All hubbies are the same I guess.

Mommibee says HI from Sydney said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! on bubba #2!
hope u get a new maid soon!

Baby Darren said...

Look at the bright side, u are lucky to have both mom and mil around to help up or else, it could be worse!

Walk to ur mom's house? is it safe to walk at 8pm? quite dark already lor..better be careful, ok?

Irene said...

ur so lucky ur mom is staying "walking distance" away from you & u can "deposit" ur son while u clean the hse! hehe... nice!