Early Birthday Celebration with Maternal Grandparents

27 May 2008, Tuesday

My parents will be off to Japan this week, so we celebrated Aiden's birthday with my family last weekend. It was just dinner for the 6 of us (including my younger brother) and after contemplation; we ended up in Bijou @ Mont Kiara.

My brother got Aiden a small chocolate cake - I think it was so that both grandparents could see Aiden blow the candles out, more than the cake was meant for Aiden's consumption. However, because it was his birthday, I gave Aiden quite a lot of it, although he's technically allergic to eggs. Why I say technically? That's because he had an allergy test done when he turned one, and besides eggs we found out that our little boy was also allergic to chicken. We've been very careful since then to give him anything with egg produce. Last Saturday, I was a little more adventurous, but thank goodness he did not breakout in rashes or made his eczema worse.

And here's his surprise gift from my Dad – a bicycle! It was really funny because the first thing that Aiden did was pull at the pedals and got his plastic screwdriver out to take the bicycle apart….. He wasn't really interested in getting on the bicycle until we thought him how to, but he still can't coordinate his feet with the pedals. So we just pushed him around the hall with him ringing the bell.

My birthday cake....Yummy Yummy !

Getting ready to blow the candle

ok - if I stare long enough maybe the flame will die off by itself?



Shern's mom said...

Happy Birthday Aiden.
You've got a very nice bicycle. Cool. Know how to ride on it already? Shern still doesn't know how to ride a bike. He loves pushing it around. Sigh.

Sasha said...

Happy Birthday Aiden! and that cake u call small ah? Its big!

chanelwong said...

Big boy...now can cycle and no more allergy...

Happy Early Blessed Birthday to you !!!!

Mommibee says HI from Sydney said...

wow that's a nice big bike!
the 3rd pic is very cute, aiden looked so intensely at the cake LOL
Abt egg allergy, my girl too reacted strongly to egg when she had her food allergy test done at 12 months old.
After celebrating CNY in KL this Feb, we discovered that she could eat (and did not react) anything egg based ie bakeries, pasta, cakes, cookies, biscuits, etc. Phew, that was good!
I am glad to hear that Aiden was ok with the cake too.
However, we hv not fed her egg on its own. Might do another allergy test first.