28 May 2008, Wednesday

Could it be what they call the Terrible-2 syndrome? Of late, my son has been quite difficult to handle:

Screams At The Top Of His Lungs
1. When he doesn’t get his way
2. When we take something away from him

Clings To Mummy
1. I am not allowed to go anywhere in the house without him
2. I have to carry him everywhere I go, even to the loo!
3. Wants to sleep on the same pillow as me during bedtime

Acts Defiantly
1. Purposely does something to make me angry, when he knows its wrong
2. Throwing rice grains on the floor
3. Throwing toys out the window
4. Throwing milk bottles underneath the TV console

My colleague once told me that when she was pregnant, her 2 year old son started acting protective and clingy. Even though the little boy did not understand it, maybe there was a sixth sense that mummy is in the "nesting" mode and he felt threatened.

Well, I certainly hope that Aiden will get out of this mode soon enough as it really tires me out and puts my patience to the test. Then again, just when I'm about to slap his hands, he will turn around, smile and call me "Mummy, Mummy…." hugging my leg.

Mummy says if I'm naughty, I'll need to sit in the basket and cant come out till I say sorry


chanelwong said...

give him time..continue to explain to him...slowly n her will understand...

Anggie's journel said...

Ur son had the "ant killer" like my son, my boy also had this tantrums like your boy *-*
Yah, sometime he drive me crazy and tired. Cry and show me his tantrums in no reason.
I slap his hand, he slap me back. I ask him to stay at a side, he cry and hugging my legs, if he not getting what he want, he will shout like a thunder ... *-*
Jeremy now nearly 20 months, but his madness already terrible !!!

Pinky said...

The clingyness to Mummy is becoming very apparent to Jeremy as well - dunno why but it is becoming a real issue as I can't go anywhere without him hollering at the top of his lungs. It has gotten worse since I got back from Singapore (where I dissapeared to for 2 days to attend a course. He clings to me like a monkey clinging to q coconut tree when we sleep together. Can you imagine how hard it is to breathe when his whole entire weight is on your body?? When you try to shift him, he would assume the same position again and if you try really hard to push him away, there he goes whinning non-stop with tears streaming down his cheeks. I really hope that this phase will pass real soon.

WMD: Wife, Mother, Daughter said...

Congrats for #2 who is on the way. Am happy to see you are back in the blogsphere.

It is just a phase that he is going through. Soon it will be alright. Just got to continuously assure him.

Mommibee says HI from Sydney said...

1 June 2008 - Happy Birthday Aiden!!

Phoebe the Nottibee

Sasha said...

i think i'm in the same shoes as you. J is like that too. Pray that both our kids will get off this phase soon.