01 June 2008, Sunday

I remember the day when you came to us
Just like it was yesterday
The operating theatre was all abuzz
Doctors and nurses were kept at bay
Just waiting for the arrival
Of Aiden Chan Zhiwei

I remember the first time I set eyes on you
It was love at first sight
You looked a little forlorn and blue
Perhaps you were cold with fright
Don’t worry my little darling
You're just not used to the sound and lights

I remember holding you in my arms
My tiny little bundle of joy
Your eyes still closed, so were your palms
My heart sang out 'Oh my little boy!'
This is really God's miracle
My limbs grew as weak as
baby bok choy

We've watched you grow, your laughter, tears and pains
Your first crawl, first step, even first fall
You've made me fall madly in love all over again
When I hear this word "Mummy" - you could finally call
It makes my heart sing
I'm so proud, I feel ten feet tall

So my little precious take your own time
To discover yourself and the wonders of life
For daddy & mummy will be there a lifetime
To see you through the mountains that you climb
I LOVE YOU my little darling
Smile, you'll always be on my prime time!


Adino said...

What a wonderful poem! Happy birthday Aiden!

Mummy to QiQi said...

so sweet this mummy to write a nice poem for lucky Aiden :)

Mommibee says HI from Sydney said...

what a beautiful poem.
happy bday aiden

Shannon said...

so sweeet...


Sweetpea said...


slavemom said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Aiden! The poem's really beautiful.

Baby Smooches said...

Hey, just realised that my gal Eryn and Aiden shares the same birthday!

Nadia said...

Happy belated birthday, Aiden! :)

Sue said...

Oh my..he has grown a lot..
Happy Birthday Aiden!!

A Mom's Diary said...

That's such a lovely poem.

milkmaid said...

Thanks Mummy & Daddy For The Messages !

Baby Darren said...

Happy Belated Birthday Aiden..