Our Short Escapade

15 Aug 2008, Friday

What an eventful weekend it was last week. So many people were celebrating the auspicious 08-08-08 date, with weddings and births; we decided to "run away" to where the tag line of the resort was "One Island, One Resort".

It was absolutely fantabulous, I really don’t know what other words can describe our short but beautiful holiday, even though we had the little one with us. Some of my friends lamented why bring Aiden along, when it's a holiday set for a romantic interlude. But I couldn’t bear to leave him behind whilst we soak ourselves in the sun, sea and fun.

We left KL early on Friday morning hoping to catch the 11am ferry via Lumut, but alas, we missed the boat by a mere 5 minutes. It didn’t help too with hubby getting a speeding ticket along the way (!!). Trying to keep to mood up, we waited for the next ferry which took us to the island at 2pm.

Boy oh boy, the service is like "mou tak teng" – upon stepping onto the jetty, it was like one guest relation officer to one couple/family. They knew us by names and after a cool welcome drink and speedy check in, we were whisked to our villas.

Some photos of our Beach Villa:

the bedroom

expansive bathroom, check out the open air bath tub at the end

I like the little window next to our closet

bathroom amenities

Day 1
We had late lunch, almost at 330pm at an informal bar/lounge overlooking the sea and the infinity pool. Thereafter, we all sauntered to the Spa reception to check out the Spa Menu and facilities. Aiden had a good time feeding the koi fish and turtles there, whilst lou kong had a personalized session with an Ayurvedic doctor.

After that, all three, Aiden, soaked in our villa's open air bath tub. It was heaven / bliss.

More photos:

bar overlooking infinity pool / beach


Aiden checking out the babes

At the Spa Village

Having loads of fun

Aiden in our bath tub

We had late dinner at 830pm with Chinese sit down consisting of fish, succulent prawns and scallops with asparagus; overlooking the sea (although we couldn’t see much in the dark!). Yummy....

So that's our First Day, more updates to come in my next post... in the meantime, I leave you with this:

to be continued....


Nadia said...

Awesome! Looks like you guys had a great time there.. :) Can't wait for more updates!

And just like you, I wouldn't be able to leave Irfan to go for a holiday either. Heh.

The writer said...

I like the soaking pool, or bath tub here... would be fun to just stay there for hours..