Pangkor Laut

26 August 2008, Tuesday

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Day 2

I woke up quite early to catch the morning rays (okaaay … did not manage to catch the sun rise) way before the 2 boys got up. As Aiden is still on his restricted diet of no chicken/egg produce, I actually brought the slow cooker along to make his daily porridge. Time was spent preparing his meal, and by the time the 2 lazy pokers got up, we moseyed our way to breakfast.

I could really enjoy this life of doing nothing and having time on your hands to just enjoy the sea breeze, good food and great company. What more can one asked for?

Here's Aiden with his new friends, none of them could speak English by the way, in the library corner after breakfast. Hubby and I spent a quiet morning reading papers/books and surfing the net.

at the library

You're too young for Scrabble dear

Later in the afternoon, we had lunch by the beach – appropriately named Emerald Bay, the water was as green as emerald. Aiden, being a city boy that he is, was complaining all the way: that he had dirt (actually sand) in his sandals. It was really a comical sight for us, where he is playing with sand sitting on a towel! Noticed his displeasure every time sand got onto the towel!

The beach looks fun!

Mmm - check out those babes

Mummy - I dont like the sand!

Get the sand out of my towel!

You poor city boy...

We celebrated Hubby's birthday and our wedding anniversary earlier, since we were in a resort; and I had made arrangements earlier for a birthday cake celebration (by the way the resort gave this to us complimentary!) which they had promptly served after our Haagen Daz ice cream dessert during Dinner. It came with musicians who did a duet in front of us, singing romantic songs....

chocolate mousse cake

So that was the end of Day 2, after a lazy after dinner stroll, we went back to our Villa to enjoy the remaining part of the evening.


little prince's mummy said...

So nice, go vacation!~

Pinky said...

How was the ferry ride for Aiden - did he get seasick during the 45 minute journey? Is it safe to park at their designated car park in Lumut? I guess these are some of the considerations I have before I embark on a trip to Pangkot Laut. Slow cookers are extremely useful for such trips - I lugged it to Singapore, Kuantan, Port Dickson and Cameron Highlands. I'm not sure how I'm going to take it to Chiang Mai in October this year *lol*.

milkmaid said...

Pinky : actually, Aiden fell asleep during the ferry ride to the resort. Must have been the warm breeze and hum of the engine. The car park at Lumut is multi level and has a guard at the entrance (however I dont know how efficient he is). You still need to pay RM12 per day as it does not belong to YTL. Otherwise, you can take a flight (Berjaya Air) to Pangkor island and a ferry from there to the island.
Actually, slow cookers are so cheap, why dont you just buy one in Chiang Mai? Har har - that way you dont need to lug it there.