Thermos Warehouse Sales

06 November 2006, Monday

Okay, so yesterday I was screening through the newspaper and stumbled upon an advertisement on Thermos Warehouse Sales in Subang Jaya. Aiden wasn’t up to his usual self the past few nights (keeps waking up and crying – and we don’t know why). We think that this could be the beginning of his teething, but better pay a visit to the doctor to be on the safe side. No fever, no flu but go see anyway.

Coincidentally, the paed is also in SJ, so we dropped by the sale after his visit.Well well, what do you know. As usual, the word SALE usually attracts hungry-for-sale-aunties like moths to flame; and by the time we got in, the queue to pay was going from one end of the room to the other end.

Me : Aiyo, dowan lar. Look at the queue. So long, and it's near baby's feeding time…

Lou Kong : Up to you la, I carry him you take a quick look

Me : Okay (and spots a colleague of mine in the queue)..Hi!! Did you get anything much?

Colleague : Ya --- got the Shuttle Chef. Looks quite worth it….

Me : Psst, do you mind if I go pick up the items and pass you the list so that you can pay for me???

Colleague : Can la..go and choose, quick...quick

And so began my 15 min hunt for bargain items. Here’s what we got:

Lou Kong insisted that we buy this for Aiden….goodness knows it'll be at least another 1 year before he can use this:

The practical me got something for his bubur (porridge) next time:

Another carrier for his bubur (this one is a purchase with purchase):

Got a jug for the house:

The finally a WOK …..mine old one is too small, the maid is complaining that it's quite hard to fry the fish ~ oil spattering everywhere:

This pot came FREE with the Wok, comes with a deep fryer functionality and egg steamer too:

So….please don’t ask me how much I spent…..Oh my….now I feel really AUNTY.....does anyone out there feel the same?


chanelwong said...

wanted to go but not free..soo busy until I forgotten about it..

Pinky said...

I think your son is teething big time. Mine kept drooling all day long.

Shannon said...

I dind't know about the sale!! I wasn't to get thermos... aiyah... I guess sale no more lor hoh???
(Another big time auntie here... hahaha)

huisia said...

Oh, really can't ask the price meh? I want to know LOL! Hahaha..

jazzmint said...

wahh..that's a pretty good bargain u got, PWP somemore!!

milkmaid said...

Chanel : dunno if they are gonna repeat this again - but first time I've seen this for Thermos

Pinky : My mum thinks so too. We see some bumps on the gum but apart from that, nothing else

Shannon : I read in on The Star (Sat) but it was only for the weekend....:(

Huisia : When I walked out from the Sale (in a daze) then only I realised I spent close to RM600 wor....

Jazzmint : Ya ya, I think the PWP is to attract people lar. The PWP which I got was only RM39 (you must spend RM100 first). Not bad for Thermos wor....

Zara's Mama said...

Why never tell me? Why never tell me??